Reviewing “The Crowdsourced Guide To Freelancing”

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I recently had the opportunity to answer a series of questions for a book, “The Crowdsourced Guide To Freelancing.” This fantastic guide includes the responses of several thriving freelancers to the same questions that I answered. What a way to introduce the truth about freelancing to individuals who are considering stepping out into this somewhat turbulent profession.

It was terrific to read the responses of others, some of whom I already knew, where others were quite new to me. This business is definitely expanding in numbers.

Daniel Hall, a highly regarded author, has written a number of very informative books over the years. He has a unique ability to coordinate, simplify, and tie together data in such a manner, without having to read a full novel.

The book provides a series of answers to very important questions, especially for newer freelancers. It provides responses from established freelancers focusing on how to keep clients happy, how to establish a good reputation among clients and the freelance community, as well as how to acquire good feedback from clients.

Of course, no true guide to freelancing would be complete without shedding the light on how freelancers would respond if a friend were considering entering the field.

I was quite impressed with how Mr. Hall pulled the book together and his choices in freelancers that he involved in the project (me included).

It was wonderful to share my views and experiences as I continue to build my freelance enterprise. I can’t help but suggest that potential freelancers (as well as established freelancers) take the time to purchase and read the book. I know I intend to buy a few copies to keep on hand for the next time someone asks me if they should try freelancing for a living.