Catching Up With a Busy Freelance Writer

Forrest ReadingWow! I can hardly believe how long it has been since I have touched base with everyone. I have been a very busy freelance writer…LOVE my clients. First, let me apologize. It was never my intent to ignore my own websites while working with these wonderful clients. Yet, it did indeed happen. Let me catch all of you up, for those who are not part of my twitter, g+, or Pinterest. However, before I catch you up on what I have been doing, we need to pay tribute to our military forces and acknowledge Veterans Day.


I know that many of you are aware that I write for, a Biopsychosocial website. I had the opportunity to write a few pieces about PTSD including “Big Changes for Diagnosing PTSD” and “Fireworks-Not Always a Cause for Celebration.” You can find other articles I have written published on brain blogger by searching by author, Brenda Walker.

Okay, speaking of military forces, I am excited to announce that Tasha Cherry is settling in with her family in her new environment. I have missed working with her on her Children’s Books, The Alley Pop Girls and The Land of Sozo. We will be taking the first set of books from The Land of Sozo and converting them to 1st Grade Readers to go along with the 4th-6th Grade Level Readers.

Following along the same lines…Music that is, I have been working with a wonderful client through This website is all about music with loads of items for sale including instruments, records, books…pretty much anything that has to do with music. You can develop your own page within the notemote website and you can even sell your goodies (that have to do with music) on the website as well. I have a page (I call it my website within a website); take a look at my page, Brenda Walker. I have several articles written including: Dino Bradley; Chas Sandford; The Glade City Rounders; and D.W. Hollowell’s String Shop.

On the more serious side, I would like to introduce you to another new client the GrassRoot Journal. This is a great website that brings a new dimension to many of the ongoing issues facing American citizens each day. The website does not take a singular minded political approach to issues. Rather, it seeks to find independent minded writers who address issues from different perspectives. Some of the articles are, indeed, controversial. Keep an open mind and remember; the only way to move forward and affect change is by listening to the perspectives of others. I was asked to do a series on Google. You can find a list of articles that I have written for the, Brenda Walker.

Of course, I still have many other clients that I work with, but I wanted to let you know where you will find my work shown with a byline. Freelancing has provided me a wonderful outlet for my creative side, as well as my deep-rooted yearning for research. I am so fortunate to have a wide variety of clients who find my work worthy of “publishing.”

Thank you all for continuing to support my website and I look forward to bring you more interesting works as we move forward to the new year. Just in case you have not heard yet, I am offering a “pay-it-forward” promotion for military personnel who need a resume in order to find work in the public sector. Feel free to leave me a message and I will gladly get back to you…it is free of charge for military personnel.

Again, a special THANK YOU to our military service members. Everyone please have a safe Veterans Day.