What’s Your Brand?

Forrest ReadingAs a Freelance Writer, there are a number of different opportunities to write copy. Whether you are writing sales and promotion copy, or you are writing article content, the opportunities are boundless. But during this process, how often do you take into consideration your own Personal Brand?

Professional Freelance Writers and Editors are well acquainted with the concept of Organizational/Corporate Branding. Unfortunately, even armed with this knowledge, we often forget to put the same efforts into optimizing our own Freelance Brand.

With the emergence of social media, leveraging a Personal Brand is not only essential, but critical to your professional growth. You must develop an online presence that reflects your talent and your professional capabilities. Presenting a positive Personal Brand is a key aspect to a successful business as a Freelance Writer and Editor.

You must ensure that you create a Personal Brand that reflects who you are and what you have to offer in an honest and professional manner. Your Personal Brand is your reputation, it is who you are, what you have done, and what you plan on doing.

As a Freelance Ghostwriter, one of the most difficult issues to deal with is building a portfolio. Considering that Ghostwriting is primarily indicative of anonymity, it can be a somewhat challenging undertaking to prove your ability as a writer. Never-the-less, a writer learns that it is necessary to create that portfolio through one’s own endeavors rather than rely on their collection of Work-for-Hire products.

Once you have created a complete portfolio, the issue become marketing your talent. In order to market you talent or your abilities as a Wordsmith, you must begin promoting your Personal Brand. You do this through a number of avenues:

  • Build your website

  • Build your Linkedin Profile

  • Build your Twitter Feed

  • Build your Social Media presence with skill and professionalism

That last one is a double-edged-sword. Facebook is a wonderful means to build your Social Media presence, but be mindful of those “party” photos and personal comments. Always remember to be respectful and hold the highest level of etiquette when posting.

Although Blogging is somewhat different that writing informative article content, there should always be a level of professionalism in your writing. After all, a primary reason for your Blog is to drive traffic to your Freelance Writing and Editing business.

There are still the tried and true forms of building your Personal Brand. A good resume and business cards. Even though a large portion of a Freelance Writer and Editor’s business is conducted online, these tools are necessary to promote both online and face-to-face Personal Branding. A Freelancer without a resume and business cards is a Freelancer without a lot of business.

So, go forth, build your Personal Brand, expand your professional presence online, in the social media, and in face-to-face contact. Build your Freelance Writing and Editing business through promoting your Personal Brand.

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