Freelancing: Freedom For Writers

Freelancing freedom for writers2The greatest challenge a Freelance Writer faces is facing themselves. The simple truth is, by design, writers are “artistic,” lack structure, and flitter about life as if they have know roots. Or at least, that is how society often views “Writers.”

This is no longer the case, or, in essence, is only part of the bigger picture. Professional freelance writers have learned to use the variety of tools that are now available to them to help maintain a more structured environment without dampening their creativity.

Freelance Writing Tools

  1. Depending on your email, you can always use your default calendar
  2. Essential PIM-
  3. Toggl for time tracking-
  4. yaTimer for time tracking-
  5. ZenWriter for your writing-
  6. yWriter for writing-download it for free at
  7. TextExpander saves time on repeat emailing-
  8. Tweetdeck connects all your social media-

Don’t forget all of the tools that Google has to offer. There are a number of excellent tools that assist freelance writers in their daily tasks, keeping them organized and free to do what they do best…Write!

What about finding the freelance writing job? That is most certainly an important part of a freelance writer’s world. Where do you find them, what do you need in order to find work, how much do you charge…it never stops. Just do a search on Google for “Freelance Writing Jobs” and see what you get. Some 4,510,000 is what you will find.

Freelance writing has become a “fashionable” way of making money. There are ton of “wanna-be” writers flooding the market today. Heck, we were all one of those “wanna-bee’s,” some of us are still in the transition from “wanna-be” writer to “newbie” writer. No doubt, that transition has been plagued with a number of pit-falls and money-sucking machines all touting that their product is capable of taking you to a top money making freelancer.

Never fear, if your heart’s desire is to be a freelance writer, then it can be done. After all, it’s already been done by so many truly talented writers. However, it was not accomplished over-night. Diligence and stubbornness are definite pre-requisets to becoming a successful Freelance Writer.

There are a number of Freelance Websites that can be found on the World Wide Web, some good, some not so good. Everyone has different experiences with each site. You won’t know which one works for you until you give them a try. Some you pay, some you don’t. I suggest starting with the “free” version unless you have inside information about the inner-workings of these site.

There is a down-side to the Freelance Websites…there are a lot of freelancer’s selling their craft at an extremely low rate. These contractors come from all over the world, as do the potential clients. Beware of falling into that “low bid” pitfall. Decide what your bottom price is for the work you turn out. I personally have no intention of selling my work for a penny a word. It can be difficult, but I stand by the belief that you get what you pay for. When I lose a contract to a “low bidder” I think to myself…well, that contractor is going to get what they pay for and will probably be back looking for editing or rewriting for that job.

That is simple logic. It has been a part of every industry known to man. If you want quality work, then you have to pay for a quality buyer. Remember, there are two sides to that coin. If you sell your work cheap, that is the reputation will be fighting in the future.

Freelance Websites

  1. Elance- (I have had a great amount of success with this site, others have not.)
  2. (acquired Scriptlance as well)-
  4. Journalism Jobs-
  5. iFreelance-
  6. Freelance Writing Jobs-

The bottom line is, as a member of NAIWE, it doesn’t matter what stage of the game you are in. There are great sources to draw from, right here on this website. Whether you want to be a writer of Novels or a Freelance Blogger, it is important to do your research, study your craft, and most important…NEVER STOP WRITING.

Until next week, keep tapping away at those keys!  Don’t forget to check out